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If you're looking to support a business that is fighting human trafficking a great resource to check out is they support many freedom businesses.

Who Are Our Stakeholders?

As a Christian doing business we must realize that God is a stakeholder in our business. We do business, and we do it well, to glorify Him.

So. Are you running your business with God as a stakeholder?

My Business My Mission Book Review

My business my mission by Doug Seebeck and Timothy Stoner shares stories about how God is calling people into missions through business. The book centers around Partners Worldwide and their work connecting entrepreneurs in developing countries fighting poverty. Their goal is to expand their businesses, create wealth, and provide jobs in Christ's name.

My favorite thing about this book was that its full of stories. I loved getting to read about real people, doing real things, and not just theory. I enjoyed seeing the fruit that these business people are seeing through their businesses.

Who is this book for? Anyone who has a desire to use their business or business experience to be a blessing in the developing world for Christ.